The Nintendo 3DS has had a long, successful run. While it may be hard to imagine at this point, there was once a time when the 3DS didn’t have access to games like Pokemon or Kirby. In fact, back in 2012-13 the original DSi launched without any support for DSiWare and online play on your console meant you would need an expensive adapter. If these two things sound familiar they’re probably because most of us remember them better than we’d care to admit!

The “r4i gold 3ds plus” is a flashcard that can play 3DS games. It’s also compatible with all Nintendo consoles, including the Wii and DS.

Can you play 3ds games on r4i gold? |

If all you want to do is play nds games or homebrew, then buying the r4i gold 3ds is a fantastic decision; after all, it was the bestr4 card with faster updating and top game compatibility. The r4i gold 3ds is not a 3ds card, therefore you can’t play 3ds games with it.

Can you play 3DS games on r4i3ds as a result?

Although no such r4 3ds card can directly play 3ds roms, this r4 chip may be used to alter your console to play both 3ds and ds games.

Is it also permissible to use r4 Cards? R4 cartridges, which enable users of the Nintendo DS to play pirated video games, are no longer allowed to be sold or advertised in the United Kingdom. The High Court has declared that ‘game copiers,’ or devices that may be used to copy and play games on the Nintendo DS handheld system, are unlawful.

Is it possible to transfer 3DS games onto an R4 card in this case?

2019 R4 cards are compatible with DS/3DS games. However, keep in mind that the R4 flashcards do not directly support Nintendo 3DS games. It can only be used with the NTRboot Method to install Luma3DS CFW/B9S on 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/2DS XL handhelds in order to play CIA format 3DS games.

Is it possible for R4 to brick your 3DS?

Nintendo has said that using the R4 card would cause the 3DS system to brick, therefore do not use it.

Answers to Related Questions

Is it possible to utilize an R4 card in a 3DS?

No, the old R4 cards, such as the DS R4, are only compatible with the NDS handheld device and do not support the newer Nintendo 3DS platform. There is a way that uses the DSR4 on the 3DS console now, however to utilize it, you must first install Custom Firmware on your 3DS console. Files from the CIA

Can I save 3DS games to my SD card?

What is the procedure for downloading Nintendo 3DS games to an SD card? You’ll need a 3DS with a Custom Firmware, the HomeBrew Channel, and the FBIApp to play free 3DS games from your SD Card. After that, you may get a 64GB SD card and enjoy the extensive game library on your 3DS.

What kind of R4 card do I need for the 3DS?

In general, I suggest the R4 3DS PLUS, since the R4i gold 3DS plus flashcard is the most well-known and widely used R4 for 3DS globally.

Is it possible to play ROMs on the Nintendo 3DS?

Some players have discovered a solution: sideload ancient GameBoy and GameBoy Color ROMs onto the Nintendo 3DS portable system using a newly disclosed vulnerability. The Nintendo 3DS already has a Virtual Console function that allows it to play certain older Nintendo titles. So, what should a lover of older niche games do?

What is Homebrew 3DS all about?

Homebrew refers to unauthorised software created by amateur developers for closed platforms like the Nintendo 3DS. This covers both games and programs, and obtaining homebrew on your 3DS means you’ll be able to do things like: PlayAperture Science 3D, a free 3DS adaption of Portal.

What is the best way to utilize R4i 3DS?

How to Setup the R4i Gold 3ds Cart?

  1. Things You’ll Require R4i Gold is an RTS card for the Nintendo 3DS.
  2. From the official website, get the most recent kernel.
  3. The Kernel File should be unzipped.
  4. Drag and drop is a great way to get things Done.
  5. MicroSD Card should be inserted into R4i Gold 3ds Rts Card.
  6. Place them in the Nintendo 3DS console.
  7. Start your console, then choose the icon.
  8. Done.

What is sky3ds plus, exactly?

Sky3ds+, or sky3ds plus, is a 3DS game hack of the flash cartridge created by It has two orangebuttons on the map. This is their second-generation 3DS flashcard, which avoids the anti-hacking tests seen in the most recent 3DS games and comes with firmware that can be upgraded to accommodate extra capabilities.

What is a r4 card, exactly?

The R4 (also known as Revolution for DS) is a line of flash cartridges for Nintendo’s DS and 3DS portable systems. It enables ROMs and homebrew to be booted from a microSD card on the Nintendo DS portable device.

What is the best way to get games onto my R4?

Part 4: Playing Games You’ve Downloaded

  1. The microSD card should be inserted into the R4 card. The microSD card should fit into a tiny slot towards the top of the R4 card.
  2. In your Nintendo DS, insert the R4 card.
  3. Switch on your Nintendo DS.
  4. Choose “MicroSD Card” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Choose a game to play.

Are r4 cards prohibited in the United Kingdom?

Nintendo DS R4 cartridges are currently prohibited in the United Kingdom. The cards have now been declared unlawful by a UK high court. They can’t be imported, sold, or marketed any more. The judgement was made because the R4 cards evade Nintendo’s security measures to guarantee that only legal material is played on the DS.

How can I upgrade my 3DS’s R4 card?


  1. Download the latest firmware from the official site, unzip it, then place the files and folders on your SDcard’s root directory.
  2. Start your r4i sdhc 3ds on your ds or dsi, go to the third option “setting,” input it, pick “upgrade,” and then push “start” to begin the upgrading.

Is it possible to obtain R4 cards for the 3DS?

No, the R4 card can only play NDS games; 3DS games will not function. If you want to play 3ds games on any 3ds console, use the sky3ds plus card.

The “gateway 3ds” is a device that allows users to play 3DS games on their Nintendo DS. It’s compatible with the R4i Gold and Silver card, which are both available for purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does R4I work on 3DS?

A: Unfortunately, the R4i is not compatible with 3DS.

Can you play 3DS games on R4 card?

A: Unfortunately, Nintendo does not allow users to play 3DS games on R4 cards as it would infringe upon their copyright and they do not have a way of getting the game data from the system.

How do I put games on my R4I Gold 3DS?

A: The games that come on the R4i Gold 3DS are none of them compatible with it. Youll have to buy a new flash cart for your console.

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