The biggest game of the week is GDI 14: Fish in a Barrel. Not only does it have your standard carnival-esque fun, but also features some interesting gameplay mechanics like randomizing your score and award bonuses based on how well you do with each roll.

The “gdi 15c” is a new update to the popular game “GDI 14: Fish in a Barrel”. The update includes new features such as an improved AI and better graphics.

GDI 14: Fish in a Barrel

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Cut off the Nod transport and destroy all of their vehicles is your goal. You begin in the bottom left corner and work your way up. Once you reach the middle of the map, Nod soldiers will flood down from the northern exit.


You may use your Mammoth Tank or a couple Medium tanks to take out the two artillery in the valley below by sending them down the west ridge to the north. You may take your time crossing the bridge and heading north towards the center, since the convoy will not appear on the map until you pass it.

If you don’t deploy your Mammoth Tank north and then east to deal with the three artillery units on the ridge, you’ll be bombarded with artillery fire as you cross the bridge.

After you’ve dealt with it, transport all of your men over the bridge and north to the map’s center. From the northern exit, the Nod convoy will continue traveling south.

The convoy consists of four artillery pieces, two of which you may have previously destroyed, four flame tanks, four light tanks, and two buggies. If you don’t destroy the Stealth Tanks in the middle, they will take up positions at different spots across the battlefield.

The Stealth Tanks will attempt to locate your troops or hide in the map’s south-eastern and north-eastern regions. To finish the objective, track them down.

The following mission is GDI Mission 15: Temple Strike.

GDI Mission 13: Ion Cannon Strike is now available.


The “gdi 10b” is a game that requires the player to use their brain and not just their reflexes. The objective of the game is to avoid catching fish in a barrel.

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