This game was a pioneer in the world of digital distribution, released for free on Steam (and DRM-free) and has now had three sequels. The series may be known today for its deeply strategic gameplay but also because it introduced gamers to crowdfunding as an option when selling products through Early Access.

The “legend of grimrock 3” is a game that has been developed by the same company that created the legendary games “Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.” The game was released in 2011, and it is set in a dark fantasy world.

Legend of Grimrock

Legend-of-GrimrockLegend of Grimrock is an old-school dungeon crawling adventure in which you lead a party of four adventurers into Mount Grimrock’s gloomy tunnels in search of wealth and secrets.

Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawler inspired by classic games like Dungeon Master, Ultima Underworld, and Eye of the Beholder, but it has been updated with much improved visuals and execution.

You control four customisable characters, each with its own race, class, talents, and personality qualities…

Walkthrough for The Legend of Grimrock

Level 1: Into the Dark Level 2: Old Tunnels Level 3: Pillars of Light Level 4: Archives Level 5: Hallways Level 6: Trapped Level 7: Ancient Chambers Level 8: The Vault Level 9: Goromorg Temple I Level 10: Goromorg Temple II Levels 11-13: The Tomb, The Prison & The Cemetery


Almost Human published Legend of Grimrock for Windows and Linux in 2012. It combines puzzle solving and battle with characters that can be leveled up as the game progresses. Reviewers have given Legend of Grimrock a perfect score. It was financed via a Kickstarter effort at first.

Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawler that was originally released in early 2011. The game has been ported to the Android platform, and it is now available on Google Play. Reference: legend of grimrock android.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Legend of Grimrock?

A: Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawler and the game offers an estimated 15 hours gameplay.

What type of game is Legend of Grimrock?

A: Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawler, which means there are puzzles and traps to solve in order to progress through levels. The game also has a combat system where you can wield swords, axes or ranged weapons like bows and crossbows.

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