A dark, secretive world where the only light is that which you carry with you. To survive in this realm of perpetual gloom and uncertainty, one must navigate through 45 levels of puzzles.

The “doom 64 level 15 blue key” is a game that pits players against hordes of demons and their minions. The player must fight their way through the levels to reach the final boss.

Level 15: Dark Entries

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Dark Entries (Level 15)


Go through the door to the next chamber after activating the two buttons on the left and right. When you enter, fireballs will begin to shoot from both the front and back of you. They’ll each unleash roughly 10 fireballs before stopping. Each time you enter the room, they’ll start playing again.

To your left are Blue Bars, the Red Door is ahead, and to your right is an open path. Step inside the teleporter after passing via the correct tunnel.

You’ll be in the midst of a square chamber with a pool. First, kill the Arachnotrons hidden in the dark halls, then hit the Button to begin the puzzle. Take a look at the Supercharge and notice the pattern. You must hit the Button indicating the Supercharge’s next destination. When you get it properly, the Supercharge and the Blue Key are reduced.

Turn around after picking up the Blue Key and use the BFG to eliminate all of the Lost Souls that spawn into the chamber.


Take a glance at the north wall before you exit this chamber. A portion of it seems to be different. Open it to reveal Secret #1, which is a Backpack.

Return to the main chamber through the teleporter. Lower the Blue Bars and enter the teleporter after the fireballs have ceased.

Kill all of the Imps in the chamber, as well as the Arachnotrons in the cages on each side of the stairwell. Clear off the opponents in this wide region by going through the entrance on the south side. To take down the Barons and Arachnotrons, use the Rockets from afar.

Go through the center structure and clear away the Lost Souls once the exterior is clean. Take a look via the rear window. Then fire the Buttons on both sides.


The room’s side parts will drop, allowing you to grab the Mega Armor and Supercharge. Step outside and up the stairwell. To lower the bars in the previous chamber, press the Button at the end of the room. It also lowers a teleporter to allow you to return.

Take the teleporter to the top of the stairs, then cross the bridge to the opposite side. If you’re quick, you can dodge the arrows. For the Red Key and Berserk pack, open the doors on the opposite side.

Return over the bridge, shooting the Barons of Hell and Arachnotrons that arrive on the other side. Return to the beginning room using the teleporter and fight with additional opponents within the main chamber.

This time, walk through the Red Door immediately across from you, kill the last two Barons of Hell, and press the Exit Button.

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The “doom 64 beta” is a level 15 in the game “Dark Entries.” It has been released as a beta and is not finished yet.

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