A recent blog post from the developers of RPG Neptune: Age in Memory revealed that they have decided to take a break and will not be releasing their game anymore. The announcement has caused mass panic among Neptune players everywhere, leading many to claim it as lazy development or an elaborate scam intended to manipulate whales into subscribing for subscriptions-only updates.

Level 22: Neptune Storage Depot

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Driller, Cloaked Driller, Heavy Driller, PTMC Defense Prototype, Platform (Missile), Spider Processing Robot, Baby Spider, Class 1 Drone, Class 2 Drone, Small Hulk, Super Hulk, Driller, Cloaked Driller, Heavy Driller, PTMC Defense Prototype, Platform (Missile), Spider Processing Robot, Baby Spider

Thus level isn’t too difficult if you’ve made it this far. Drillers and Super Hulks are present, although they’re in very simple places to eliminate without suffering damage. The doors to the chamber ahead are guarded by three Super Hulks. To evade the homing missiles, shoot them from afar or around corners.

When you’re ready, fire a few Smart Missiles into the middle tunnel to take out the Drillers. As you approach the area below, more will spawn, so go back up to get the Invulnerability and then fly down to take out the Drillers. Some of them will be hidden by cloaks. Two Cloaked Drillers guard one of the side corridors that leads to the Red Door.

The Blue Access Key is hidden behind a grate when you unlock one of the top side doors. The Yellow Door is to the right, while the Blue Door is in the floor. Before picking up the Blue Access Key, fly around to the left, beyond the Energy Center, and knock out the Super Hulks.

The Blue Door leads to a level of lava. There are a few of subterranean chambers here, and the Yellow Access Key is easy to find.

Make your way to the tower by passing through the Yellow Door. Each window has a Driller behind it, so use lasers at an angle to remove it. I’m hoping they don’t fire any bullets at you. Prepare for two Super Hulks as you near the summit. Take down the first with a Mega Missile and damage the second with a Mega Missile. The second Hulk should be dispatched with a couple Homing Missiles. To locate the Red Access key, fly down the middle of the tower. Return to the Cloaked Drillers’ dark area and enter via the Red Door.

The reactor is located in the middle of the chamber, in a square construction. Before going in, get a Cloaking Device so you can take out the robots before concentrating on the reactor.

Exit: To get out, go through the Red Door and up the roof path to the exit.

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