This game has been a favorite for many years. It’s the ultimate test of your reflexes, creativity and ingenuity as you race to collect barrels before they roll down a hill and hit someone or something else!

The “barrels o’ fun vinesauce” is a game that takes place in a barrel. The objective of the game is to avoid obstacles and collect coins.

Level 23: Barrels o’ Fun

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Barrels of Laughter


When the level starts, rapidly sprint between the barrels and out the opposite side door. When the Mancubus in front of you begins shooting, he will light all of the barrels. Return and fire up to the ledge on the right once the tunnel is clear. You’ll be attacked by a slew of foes.

It’s simpler to kill them now than later, so finish them out and then go to the teleporter at the end of the path. You’ll be transported to a chamber surrounded by barrels and Hell Knights.


Run down the passage quickly, turn around, and ignite the barrels if they aren’t already bursting. The Chaingunners, as well as part or all of the Hell Knights, should be eliminated. Return and finish off any remaining Hell Knights.

Pick up the Backpacks, Computer Region Map, and Beserk pack if necessary, then prepare your BFG and teleport to the next area through the teleporter.

Use the BFG as quickly as possible to eliminate as many Pain Elementals as possible. Because the barrels with the yellow flames are solid, you may hide behind them.


The wall will fall after roughly 30 seconds, providing you access to the beginning area if you need to return for anything.

To raise a bridge between the two portions, press the Switch at the end. When you sprint over to the opposite side, the wall will close in on you, and scores of Demons will attack you. Remove them and prepare for a difficult situation.

At the far end of the chamber, there are two tunnels, one lower and the other somewhat higher. Go through the other alcoves and use the rocket launcher to take out the Chaingunners. Keep an eye out for an Arch Vile to your left. Hide behind the corners and kill him with the rocket launcher.

On each side of this platform, there are two teleporters in the lava that will teleport you up to the ledges on either side.

Take down the Arch Vile first, then the Revenants, using the teleporter to the left.


Take out the Demons and Arachnotrons in the corridor, then go via the right teleporter. You can go to the finish of the level by using the left teleporter, but you don’t have the key yet.

The right teleporter transports you back to the Demons’ lengthy chamber. Drop down to the ledge on the right after passing through the upper corridor. You’ll see a Mega Sphere and a package of rockets if you turn around. This is the first secret.


Return to the platform and use the teleporter on the right side this time. To enter the cave packed with Imps, go around the left or middle aperture. Remove them and push the face to reveal Secret 2 and a Soul Sphere.

Take the rocket crates off the shelf. Because a Spider Mastermind and Arachnotrons will be released, you’ll need them. They may fight each other if you’re fortunate. Take them out by hiding around the twists of this corridor. Return to get the Soul Sphere for some more health after you’re finished.

Go through the teleporter using the Yellow Key you found in the previous chamber. Turn around and continue to the end of the tunnel. Go through the teleporter on the left side this time.

Run along the passage as quickly as possible before the Chaingunners detonate the barrels. To get to the level Exit, go through the yellow door on the left.

Level 22: The Catacombs (Return) The Chasm is the next level.


The “doom 2 map 22” is a level in the game Doom 2. It’s a barrel-based level where you must navigate your way through the barrels to reach the exit.

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