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“The icon of sin baphomet” is a game that has been released by the developer “is the icon of sin baphomet”. The game is available on both iOS and Android.

Level 30: Icon of Sin

Return to Doom 2


Sin’s Icon


Grab all of the ammunition you’ll need and teleport via the teleporter right away. To reach the Button at the top, you must first climb up the platforms. The pillar will be lowered, allowing you to climb on top of it.

The Sin’s Icon will continually spawn new enemies. Your main focus will be riding the pillar up and shooting a rocket through the small gap. The correct time to release a rocket will be just before the pillar stops moving. Once it stops you’ll be too high.


When you reach the top of the pillar for the first time, sprint over to the platform to the north and grab a Radiation Suit. You may then descend and ride the pillar back up. While you wait for the pillar to fall, attempt to eliminate as many foes as possible.

You have one shot to launch a rocket as you climb the pillar and one shot as you go over the edge. The last boss will be killed if you’ve successfully fired three rockets through the opening in the wall. Thank you for finishing Doom 2: Hell on Earth. Check out the Master Levels for more Doom 2.

Return to Level 29: The End of the World Attack is the next level in the Master Levels series.


The “doom 2 icon of sin speech” is a level 30 achievement in the game Doom 2. It requires players to find and kill the Icon of Sin, which is located at the bottom of a pit in the UAC research facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level is the icon of sin?

How many rockets does it take to kill the icon of sin?

A: It would require at least 12 rockets to kill the icon of sin.

DOES THE ICON OF SIN get stronger?

A: The icon of sin does get stronger, but not shorter.

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