Thy Glory is an online multiplayer browser game that was designed for the casual gamer to enjoy. The aim of Thy Glory is to collect as much in-game currency and levels, while having fun at the same time with friends.

The “doom 64 level 34” is a difficult level in the game Doom. It takes place on a bridge and has many enemies, including 2 cacodemons.

Level 38: Thy Glory

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Thy Glory (Level 38)


This is most likely the Lost Levels’ longest level. You begin in a square chamber near the map’s approximate middle. Kill the Arachnotrons and then go west along the blood river.

Enter through the door at the end and go up the right-hand side stairs. Follow the path around the borders of the blood river until the end, where you’ll find the Button. The Blue Doors in the bar area are lowered as a result of this. Return to the blue door and ascend the stairwell. The bars on the north side of the beginning chamber will descend as you press another Button.

Drop down to the beginning chamber and ascend the north-facing stairs. Secret #1 is down the stairs behind you, so press on the flashing pattern on the right wall. There’s a Supercharger on the inside. Proceed up the stairwell and through the door.


Defeat the adversaries before sprinting over to the centre building. To lower the pedestal with the four crates of rockets, press one of the Buttons. Take these and throw them into the bloodstream.

To take out all of the opponents that spawn around you, choose a safe area. Return the teleporter to the pedestal once the area is clean. Dash over to the ledge on the other side.

Because the windows will be facing north, remove the Arachnotrons from the ledges. On the western side, open the door. To open a hole in the wall to the right, press on the little pedestal. To access Secret #2 using Mega Armor, shoot the Button at the bottom of the hole.


For Secret #3 using the Computer Area Map, open the north entrance and then the west wall. Keep going north and hit the Button. Across the blood river, you’ll observe a bridge rising up.

Return to the bridge, but this time enter the blood river on the eastern side. To lower the first pillar, press the Button on the side of it. Ride it up and push the above-mentioned Button. The following pillar is lowered as a result of this. Carry on like way until you reach the Berserk pack’s last pillar. This is the fourth secret.

To return to the surface, enter the teleporter and go over the bridge. Kill the Hell Knight and push the Button after opening the door. Return to the chamber containing the Yellow Key, which should now be lowered. To get it, go down to the blood river and pick it up.

Go through the teleporter, rush across the room, and swiftly enter the right-hand door. As soon as you teleport inside this chamber, fireballs will be ignited.

Go through the Yellow Door halfway down the stairs. You’ll enter the eastern portion of the map from here.

Make your way inside the little square chamber by crossing the short bridge. Take the escalator all the way down to the blood river. Both Buttons on each side of this region must be pressed. Return to the elevators and push both Buttons in the little rooms near the Blue Doors.


Two Pain Elementals and other foes will spawn into the area each time you push a Button. Clear out the opponents via one of the doorways to the east. At the far end of the chamber, there is a teleporter. This will lead you to a pillar with a view of the Blue Key. Pick it up by running across the pillars.

To get to the teleporter, go via a neighboring Blue Door and then the teleporter. You’ll be sent to a previous chamber with Blue Doors. You’ll be in a vast chamber after passing through the other Blue Door to the east.

Kill all the Specters, Hell Knights, and Barons of Hell in the blood lake to the south. To return to the teleporter, press the Button at the opposite end of the chamber to raise a pathway through the gate and return to the teleporter.

Run over the walkway that you just raised by going through the door to the east. Secret #5 will unlock behind you if you push on the spike with the solitary skull in the recess to the right in the corridor. Ammo may be found within.

Continue up the stairs and around the corner into a tiny chamber. When you press the Button, the Red Key in front of you will vanish. Return to the previous chamber, where the Red Key will be located in the middle.


Mancubus and a Baron of Hell will spawn into the chamber when you take it up. Remove them, and the bars that were blocking the entryway to the west will be lowered.

Lower the Red Bars by ascending the stairs to the right. Enter the chamber and rapidly dispatch the Pain Elementals and Lost Souls with the BFG. To finish the level, use the teleporter in the middle.

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The “finish the lost levels mission” is a mission that has been present for a while. This level will require you to finish all of the lost levels in order to complete it.

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