Tech Center is the first of two levels in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow. It’s a maze-like building with many floors to explore as you walk through it. Players must use items like Pokéballs or Potions to pass each floor and advance deeper into the Tech Center than ever before!

The “doom 64 level 5 teleporter not working” is a bug that has been present for a while. It happens when you enter the level 5: Tech Center of Doom 64.

Level 5: Tech Center

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Tech Center (Level 5)


You begin in the map’s center, with doors and corridors all around you. Open the wall beneath the grate and descend the stairs to the blue armor. This is the first of the secrets, and it leads to the Mega Armor.

To go to the rectangular chamber, keep going down the stairs. This is an optional chamber, however the pillars contain some treasure. Press the Button to lower one of the pillars and lower the portion of wall on the opposite side of the room. To be hoisted up, quickly step on it. You may rush over to the riches on the other pillars from here. Return to the center chamber after you’re finished.

Take the stairs to the south (as shown on the map) and push the Button in the little chamber at the bottom. This creates a new path from the core hub. Return to the central hub and use the westbound passage.

Kill the Hell Knights and then go to the outdoor area via the entrance on the left. Turn right, blow up the barrels, then take the elevator to the walkway. Kill the Imps, then hit the Button in the right-hand second chamber. The Yellow Key will be lowered as a result of this. Return to the center hub by descending. Kill the Hell Knight and take the Yellow Key via the door to the north east, as illustrated on the map.


Return to the hub and exit through the Yellow Door. Shoot the vent to the west to lower the bars to the Supercharge, and the floor will rise up. The bars will fall for a few seconds if you shoot the vent to the north. Drop down and get the Supercharge as soon as possible. The Red Key is also here, but you’ll need to locate another Button to lower the bars and access it.

Return to the center hub and exit by the southwest entrance. This is a tiny room labyrinth. To keep moving further, you’ll need to discover two Buttons that will unlock doors.

Follow the crushers along the passage, but keep an eye out for the Hell Knight on the opposite side of the exit. Before you slide down, make sure you push the Button. The bars are now at the Red Key level.

Return to the main hub and enter via the Yellow Door. Take the elevator to the top and collect the Red Key. When you return to the central hub, a Hell Knight will greet you.

Take out the Lost Souls and Imps by passing through the Red Door. Locate the hole in the fence in the middle and run in to get the Blue Key. The key can be picked up without being crushed since the crusher has a hole in the middle.


Return to the hub and enter the Blue Door. Remove all Imps from this region before pressing the Button in the corner. The teleporter in the other corner is activated as a result of this action. Run through the teleporter and push the Switch in the other little chamber as quickly as possible. This allows you to enter the bigger chamber.

After killing the Cacodemons in the vast chamber, push the Switch. Return to the previous region through the teleporter. Kill the Hell Knights that have generated in the area and go to the southeast corner’s Exit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the Blue Key on Level 5 on Doom 64?

A: You can find the blue key on a crate in the center of room.

How do you get the yellow key in Doom 64 Level 5?

A: To get the yellow key, you need to go through the hole in the wall. It is located on top of a big machine with two tubes coming out from it. You have to jump up and grab onto one of these tubes and then use your grapple gun to pull yourself into that tube. Once inside, find where this large pipe goes straight down and follow it until you see another opening at its base which leads back outside again. Use your claw arm (if youre playing as Doom 64) or just walk around until you run into an explosive barrel; shoot it while standing next to it so that when it explodes, some shrapnel will fly towards the ceiling by holding down R1 right before pressing X for a grapple shot

How do you get the blue key card in Doom 64?

A: There are two ways to find the blue key card. You can either do a speed run of the level, or you might randomly encounter it in one of the corners after completing several levels.

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