The most exciting thing about games for me is not the gameplay, but the visceral thrill of a player’s first steps. This sense of exploration and danger leads to amazing moments that make gaming what it is today. But when will virtual reality really be as immersive and believable as those experiences?

The “perilous piers music” is a song that is featured in the game “Perilous Piers”. The song was released on March 8, 2019.

Perilous Piers

Returning to Cuphead


To go to the second Run n’ Gun level on Inkwell Isle 3, you must first finish the Shootin’ n’ Lootin level, which lowers a bridge that you must cross to get there.

This level is centered around a dock. Keep an eye out for flying fish and little sea urchins as you make your way to the right. You may leap and run towards Gold Coin #1 once you reach the point when the platforms begin to drop.


As you approach the crabs, you’ll need to hop on their backs as they scurry by. Follow the crabs from one to the next. You’ll be able to leap up and retrieve Gold Coin #2 along the route.


The following stage is very challenging since you must carefully hop from platform to platform while avoiding a Giant Lobster that whips its arms at you from below. Lightning bolts will be fired at you from time to time by the Lobster. Gold Coin #3 sits immediately above a pink-topped buoy that you’ll have to avoid.


Follow the pier and ledge until you get to a boat. Gold Coin #4 is hidden within the boat’s stateroom.


You’ll have to leap over planks held by the arms of a Giant Octopus in the following section. Parry the diamond in the anchor when you land on the Octopus’ head to make the Octopus swim. If you parry the diamond again when you notice a massive rock ahead, the Octopus will demolish it. Parry the gem when you see Gold Coin #5 so you can leap high enough to get it.

You’ll eventually come to another pier where you may leap off and finish the level.

Then there’s Mausoleum III.

Return to Inkwell Isle 3


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